DemoCamp is an opportunity to demo and present a project that you or a team have been working on.

A big thank you to everyone who submitted their work to DemoCamp; submissions are now closed! :)

The Game: You have 5 minutes to pitch your work, no slides, only a working prototype. You’ll then have a couple of minutes to answer questions from the audience.

The Players: Individual or a Team!

Your Tools: A project you worked on for school or developed on your own time.

The Prize: The top 3 teams as voted by the audience will receive prizes. In addition, the team in 1st place will receive an exclusive invitation to dinner with our speakers and sponsor representatives.

In addition to presenting to an audience of fellow CUSEC attendees, you will be presenting to a panel of judges made up of speakers and sponsors whose job it is to offer feedback, advice, and their expertise.

The Deadline: Tuesday, January 13, 2015 at midnight.