Samira El-Rayyes


Samira is a 4th year Software Engineering student at the University of Ottawa. When not busy being Co-Chair for CUSEC 2015, she can be found playing basketball, online shopping, watching Netflix, or at the nearest ice cream truck.

Santiago Gil


Entering his last term in Software Engineering at the University of Waterloo. He's attended CUSEC since 1st year and just keeps coming back. This year as a co-chair. On his spare time he enjoys watching copious amounts of tv and eating lots of food. :)

Alexander Coco

Director of Sponsorship

Alex is in his final year of Software Engineering at McGill. He likes Ruby, Go, and cat gifs.

Aimal Khan

Director of A/V

Aimal is a recent Software Engineering graduate from McMaster University, currently working as a software developer in the GTA. This will be his fifth consecutive year attending CUSEC. He is passionate about web and mobile development, and loves to play the drums and guitar in his spare time.

David Kua

Speakers Team

David is a third/fourth year Computer Science student at the University of Toronto with an interested in distributed systems. He enjoys bikes and brews of all kinds.This is his second year attending and helping with CUSEC.

Dominic Charley-Roy

Director of Speakers

Dominic is a 3rd year Software Engineering student at McGill University. His life is a whirlwind of cooking, coffee, biking, and programming. This is his third year on the CUSEC team!

Edward Ntiri

University of Toronto Head Delegate

Edward (Or Emmanuel, if you want to know his government name) Ntiri is in his 4th year at U of T, studying Computer Science and Cognitive Science. Find him at your local Starbucks doing... well, things. He's also a pancake enthusiast who likes to run. This will be his second year attending CUSEC, and his first year as a Head Delegate.

Farwa Naqi

University of Waterloo Head Delegate

Farwa is in her 3rd year at UW studying Software Engineering, with an interest in Cognitive Science. She enjoys binge-watching TV shows, scrolling Tumblr, mobile app development, and complaining about bad weather. This is her first CUSEC.

James Pang

Queen's University Head Delegate

I am a third year undergraduate student of Queen's University completing a degree in Software Design. Born and raised in Taiwan, I work extremely hard to maintain high academic performance while learning new programming languages on my own.

Over the past two years I have been an active member in Queen's student government, serving in various leadership roles for multiple campus organizations. I am presently the Vice President Operations of the Computing Students' Association.

In my spare time I enjoy swimming and playing squash.

Julian Horvat

University of Guelph Head Delegate

Julian is in his fourth year of Software Engineering at the University of Guelph. This will be his third CUSEC and he just can't seem to get enough of it. He is way too into programming, music, coffee, and beer.

Kat Drobnjakovic

Web Master

Kat is in her fourth year of Biomedical Software Engineering at the University of Ottawa. She likes yoga, skiing, and cheese (mini bocconcini being a current fav). This is her second time at CUSEC and first time on the team :)

Keiko Climaco

University of Ottawa Head Delegate

Keiko is a 4th year Chemical Engineering and Computing Technology student at the University of Ottawa. When she isn't busy drowning in school work, she can usually be found taking terrible pictures of herself, working her volunteer gigs, watching hilarious Asian television shows or napping. It is her second time at CUSEC and her first year helping out on the CUSEC Team.

Kimberly Noel

Logistics Team

Kim is a second year Software Engineering student at Concordia University. It is her first, and definitely not last, time attending CUSEC. She loves computers, sports, and food. She also digs riddles. So here's one for you: What has no beginning, middle, or end? Go find her at CUSEC if you want to take a guess!

Maude Lemaire

McGill University Head Delegate

Maude is in her final year of Honours Software Engineering at McGill University. She's all too busy, all the time. She enjoys reading the September issue of Vogue, baking, drinking microbrews and spreading the love for web development. This is her first year on the CUSEC team!

Miguel Ocampo-Gooding

Design Team

Miguel is a third year Digital Media student at York University. This will be his third CUSEC. He is currently learning about how to bridge the gap between programming and art. He loves coffee and poutine. If only he could have both at the same time...

Patrick Nguyen

Director of Logistics

Patrick is a 3rd year Software Engineering student at Concordia University. He enjoys to snowboard and draw in his spare time. Archery is pretty cool too... pew pew pew!

Peter Hoang

McMaster University Head Delegate

Peter Hoang is third year of software engineering. Most of his time is spent writing websites, messing with databases, and drinking loads of coffee (addicted). With the remaining spent on speed-running and developing video games. This is his second CUSEC. Also everyone here apparently loves to write in third-person.

Rohan Likhite

Design Team

Rohan is in his fourth year of Digital Media at York University. He can be found at his desk designing and developing creative applications, while never being too far away from a cup of green tea. This is his second year attending CUSEC, first time as part of the team.

Stephanie Zeidan

Promotions Team

Stephanie is in her fourth year of Electrical Engineering and Computing Technology at the University of Ottawa. She loves taking on new challenges and finding new ways to apply what she is learning in class. When she is not trying to take funny pictures or her friends, she loves to learn the latest Salsa/Bachata dance moves, joining random sports teams and volunteering.

Tahia Khan

University of Toronto Head Delegate

Tahia is a 4th year Computer Engineering student from the University of Toronto. Her interests include Netflix and systems programming. This is her second CUSEC and she's super pumped for it.

TingLi Lucia Lorigiano

Concordia University Head Delegate

Born and raised in the cultural mecca of Montreal, TingLi is currently completing her third (3rd) year as a Biology major with a double minor in Italian and Commerce. She dabbles in Web Programming as a hobby, and runs on a diet fueled by sushi and propane. This is her first time on the CUSEC Team!

Ursula Sarracini

York University Head Delegate

Ursula is in her third year at York University studying Computer Science. Some of her favourite things include programming, cheese, yoga, coffee, and cheese. Second time CUSEC go-er, first time on the CUSEC team.

Xenia Tay

Sponsorship Team

Xenia is in fourth year, majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Fine Arts Studio at the University of Waterloo. She builds websites when she isn't on Youtube watching song covers on loop. She loves exploring cities and has lived in Singapore, Ontario, British Columbia, Texas and California. This is her third CUSEC!

Zichen Jiang

Audio/Visual Team

Zichen is a second year student Business Informatics at McMaster University. This is his second time participating CUSEC but first time on the CUSEC. He is enthusiastic about Web Development, and obsessive on code cleanliness. He is also into literature, especially Shakespeare.